Mihangel Jones



Mihangel Jones was born of Welsh parents in 1940 and spent his early years on a mountain farm on the Cardiganshire / Montgomeryshire border. His family later moved to England where he studied for six years at Twickenham College of Art, obtaining a classical education in the Arts.

From 1961 to 1982 Mihangel worked as a freelance illustrator and painter. He gained an international reputation in the areas of book and magazine illustration, packaging, advertising and large posters for hoardings.

Following his retirement, Mihangel moved back to Wales and set about converting a C16th farmhouse into a home and studio for himself, 4 cats and several hundred canvases. From here he has continued to paint despite a long period of illness and has exhibited extensively throughout Wales.Mihangel's work is both subjective and conceptual in nature and expressed through a variety of media such as vivid pastels and oils. 

His subjects are the agents, the objects, the instruments and products of creativity, and creativity is his constant preoccupation: It is what we are for, it is what gives us life and propels us from one moment into the next, one thought and feeling into the next. Without it there is no joy, no colour, no music.

And his work is full of joy and energy. The colours radiate and throb. His musicians are extensions of their instruments, and he forges connections between creative and procreative impulses, as well as between the rhythms of music, the patterns of our daily lives and the cycles of the moon and seasons. 


Mihangel Jones has had successful exhibitions with us in 2013, 2014 and again in March of 2016. 


Mihangel Jones sadly died in March 2018.