Katie Allen

20 May - 17 June 2020



It is six years since Katie first exhibited with us at Ffin y Parc, and it has taken over two years for her to make these works for her first solo show here. Her work is always in demand: its intricacy and precision mean that it is inevitably slow to make, as the images are built up layer by layer, colour by colour, over months.


It is unfortunate that her show blooms during the pandemic lockdown, but as spring rolls into summer, and we remain becalmed and isolated in our beautiful bubble, there is something curiously resonant and fortifying about Katie's work. It might be perfectly appropriate!


Much of the work is inspired by the landscapes in and around the Gower Peninsula close to where she lives. The same view revisited as the seasons tumble from one to the next. She is especially fascinated by marshlands and tidal areas, where there is an ongoing negotiation between land and water, and where the water reflects the sky.


Influences including Japanese art and design, mid-century textile design, pointillism, and psychedelia ebb and flow to create work that is stylized but still manages to articulate something essential and elemental in these landscapes. Somehow everything we do, everything we make - the repeated or evolving patterns, the abstract motifs, the placing of one colour next to another, the circles and lines - comes from the natural world around us. It forms the frame and context for everything we recognize and understand.


And then of course, there is the sheer joy and glory and gratitude pouring out of these works. They remind us how lucky we are to be alive surrounded by such riches.


Katie was born in 1967.