Kim Dewsbury: Gwaith Newydd | New Works

21 June - 15 July 2020

Kim's work always has a definite rhythm, the composition always clean and precise and harmonious. The resulting work has a beauty and elegance which is arresting. The control and order allows each element to speak. Her work is meditative, meticulously detailed and invigorating. Each object, chosen for its shape, meaning and the ideas and connections it brings in its wake, works with its neighbours, subtly and thrillingly accruing or altering its significance.


Her clarity is forensic and fascinating. Her skies are cool and bracing! Her intelligence, singlemindedness and skill, gives rise to work which, while selfpossessed, calm and quiet, nevertheless seems to quiver with passion and conviction.


Kim was born in Cornwall and studied at the Falmouth School of Art. She has been living and working in Wales for over 30 years.

(Framed images & installation shots coming shortly)