David Grosvenor: New works / Gwaith Newydd

13 September - 7 October 2020

David is now firmly established as one of Wales' most popular and collected artists. He has been exhibiting with us since 2011, and these 100 new works mirror his year, ranging as they do from Uzbekistan all the way to his glorious Criccieth garden!


As well as the vigour and bold use of colour that are always present, there is a fascinating subtlety in the work, and the artist's clear eye and keen intelligence are visible and beguiling: The way he alters his mark-making to suggest perspective and focus, manipulating the paint to emphasize the different textures of rock, water, vegetation and even the sometimes open, often clotted sky.  He can let these landscapes speak for themselves. Or he can awaken us to the rhythms and patterns he sees, by suggesting and enhancing structure and balance.


His love of the landscape is at once passionate and utterly unsentimental: he is as comfortable when editing his palette to catch the quiet harmony of grey water over grey rocks under a grey sky as when he expands it to show purple frost yielding to the yellow heat trickling down the green-sided valley - life and light with all its attention-seeking cacophony.


David was born in 1956. He moved to North Wales in 1991 to paint full-time. His paintings appear in public and private collections world-wide.