David Lloyd Griffith: Gwaith Newydd | New Works

28 March - 21 April 2021

For this show of recent works, David has made a small collection of mostly landscapes made, as usual, out in the weather and the light. These landscapes which are his home, and his anchor. His solid ground.


He works quickly, instinctively, trying to keep pace with the weather and the shadows running, to catch the light and the moment. And also to catch and track his own ever-modulating responses and moods.  Returning to familiar or favourite views, is like a meditation: looking for the balance and the stillness in the seasons' inexorable churning, the cycle of decline and return, darkness and light. This has been especially important, and exceptionally difficult for David during long months of forced isolation and lockdown. When getting outdoors has seemed impossible, there is the comfort of flowers.


With work of such immediacy openness and sincerity, it is little wonder that David is one of the most popular and collected artists currently working in North Wales: His love of the landscape and his commitment to it shines from every painting.