Jane Ford: Gwaith Newydd | New Works

28 March - 21 April 2021

We have been teasing you with occasional pieces of Jane's work for over a year, but here at last is her first show with us: A witty and brilliant, (in both senses of the word), show full of character and skill.

Jane's work is meticulous and detailed. Her technique, materials and approach are traditional and exacting. The works are allusive, and full of diverse references ranging from Jules Verne to Spike Milligan with a dash of Steampunk magic!


The animals she paints are studied closely, painted accurately and are allowed to display their natural behaviours. Then they are placed in carefully constructed, meticulously composed juxtapositions with each other and with other many and varied objects. The finished work is effortlessly contemporary, while also able to evoke the 1970's, and the 17th Century.


There is such control in the work, but also mischief. While the stillness and balance may be suggestive of decorum and discipline, there is an unmistakeable scent of danger and decadence emanating from these paintings. The smell of fireworks and subversion! This mixture of refinement and irreverence is captivating. And Jane's skill and seriousness are bracing and uplifting.


Jane was born in 1953. She trained at Art School and in the Potteries. She exhibits extensively and successfully throughout the UK, but this is her first show in Wales.