William Selwyn: Gwaith Newydd | New Works

25 April - 19 May 2021

William was born in Caernarfon in 1933. He is one of Wales' most popular and respected artists and was first elected to the RCA in 1976. His work appears in Public and private collections throughout the UK and beyond. We are pleased and proud to have an exhibition of new work here. It is his first show at Ffin y Parc.


This is a collection of landscapes, mostly of Venice. It is a place that has captivated and inspired artists for centuries, and over the years William has been a frequent and devoted visitor. His love for the place is clear in these works. They are graceful and delicate, capturing the light and the reflection off the water. They are deft and nimble without sacrificing the expressive detail and specificity which gives the work its character and spark.


Drawn from many years of observation and sketching, these works capture with sincerity and simplicity, the miraculous spirit and wonder of Venice. Above all, they are full of love and the generosity of spirit that is a hallmark of William's work.