Iwan Gwyn Parry: Gwaith Newydd | New Works

25 April - 19 May 2021

Iwan was born on Anglesey in 1970. After completing his studies at the Chelsea School of Art, he moved to Bethesda where he lives and works. He was elected to the RCA 1n 2004. This is his first show with us.


Most of these paintings show versions of a section of the North Wales coastline starting around Harlech and heading down towards Aberystwyth. He knows the area well, and these scenes have fascinated him for years. He might say they have haunted him.


Of course, they are not conventional landscapes. He uses these spaces as a springboard to examine and explore his ideas and reactions to the light, the space and the mechanics and dynamics of painting. Back in the studio, elements drawn on location are re-arranged, repeated and elaborated. Especially the man-made structures which attempt to control the world and give it meaning; to make it safe and predictable. To fix what might otherwise slip.


What makes Iwan's work so exciting is the way he manipulates the landscape to access a state of mind, a certain feeling. While somewhat familiar, these views have been broken open and re-made. He has found his way inside them and made them maps of somewhere internal, liminal. The tides and breakwaters, clouds piling and twinkling lights are a whole new Universe. A Universe full of mystery, possibility and wonder. He stands on the brink, where the sea and the land embrace, where real and imagined overlap. This psycho-geography is thrilling and dizzying.