Barbara Winrow: Gwaith Newydd | New Works

18 July - 11 August 2021

This is Barbara's second show with us. Her first show sold out completely, and these twelve paintings represent two years of detailed and meticulous work. Barbara's affinity for, and ability to imagine herself into the natural world around her is rare.  And so are her paintings.      


"I use acrylic paints on canvas for my paintings, and use very small brushes. Most canvases take 3-4 months to complete. I returned to painting again a few years ago, after solely making pottery for over 45 years. I feel as if I have hundreds of pictures in my head which I have never had the opportunity or the time to paint.


"When I paint I picture past times when long summers were punctuated by country walks, bike rides, and countless picnics. Sitting by a stream, sandwich in hand and hoping to spot a frog, newt or bird that I had never seen before is a strong and magical memory. My mum knew the names of all the flowers. I would walk around our garden with my dad - an avid gardener - as he told stories about where his plants and cuttings had come from..." Barbara Winrow.


Barbara's work is full of a sense of wonder. Nature in its clamorous profusion and splendiferous magic is pouring from these mesmerising paintings!

She has been living near Llanberis for over 50 years.