Anna Noel: Gwaith Newydd | New Works

12 September - 6 October 2021

From childhood, animals have fascinated Anna and fuelled her imagination. Animals have always been used in stories, myths and folklore to help us find our place and purpose; even, perhaps, our essence. To map the complexities, contradictions and disappointments of the adult world to children. Used as a comfort and a warning.


Much of her inspiration comes from the formal simplicity of ancient sculptures and folk art from a variety of cultures. This gives her work Universality and immediacy.


She is interested in the special relationship we have with animals and the way the animal form can express emotions, reveal character and illuminate our thinking and our place in the world. We may have dominion over them, but they are mysterious, unknowable, other. The ambiguities abound here. Man is both confident and anxious; there is frivolity and menace. Games will end in tears…


Anna Noel trained in Ceramics at Bath Academy of Arts and the Royal College of Art in London. She lives and works in Swansea, South Wales. This is Anna's first show with us.