Mike Jones: Gwaith Newydd | New Works

7 November - 1 December 2021

This show of new paintings and drawings marks Mike’s 80th Birthday. He was born in 1941, in Pontardawe where the Western edge of the South Wales coalfield gives way to the farming communities of Carmarthenshire and beyond. He is among the last of the artists, like Josef Herman and Will Roberts, able to observe these vibrant industrial communities before they began their long, slow, painful decline.


His subjects are his neighbours – the farmers and their wives, the working men and women. With great skill and economy, and with great affection, he suggests the characters and relationships that create and sustain a community.


There is certainly an element of nostalgia and a great deal of tenderness in these works. But more than this, Mike is bearing witness: reminding us of our past, the roots of our present situation and our place in the world. The authority and sincerity of the work comes from his being an insider here, a life-long participant. He has known these people all his life. He knows how they live, and their secrets!