Nathan Ford: Gwaith Newydd | New Works

7 November - 1 December 2021

Nathan is one of the most successful young painters (he was born in 1976) currently working in the UK. Though he lives and works in South Wales he has not regularly exhibited in Wales.

The first painting I ever bought, over 20 years ago now, was by Nathan. Over the years, I have bought a couple of others, and we have shown one or two individual pieces in our mixed shows. The gallery is now in its twelfth year and it has taken until now to find the time and space to present a small collection of his work.


Here we have a group of self-portraits and small wild-flower paintings, painted during and in response to the lockdowns and their enforced isolation. They are delicate, contemplative and exquisite. They possess a quality of watchful diligence and hard-won calm.


In their spare, ruthless precision you can hear the silence ringing in your ears, see the accumulation of the increments of decay. Time’s ticking, un-picking relentlessness.


By focusing brutally and tenderly on this face and these flowers, we are made to confront, or at least to acknowledge inevitabilities. The works’ scale belies its fearlessness and ambition.