Carl Melegari: Gwaith Newydd | New Works

26 June - 20 July 2022

Carl was born in Denbigh in 1958. He trained in Wrexham and Bristol. He lectured at UoW Trinity St. David's before becoming a full-time artist. This collection of portraits is his second show with us.


Working mostly from models in the studio, Carl builds up and scrapes back multiple layers of paint, often making works that are almost sculptural. Through this process, the works inevitably become abstracted and expressionistic. Also, the paint itself - its character and possibilities become a crucial element of the work.


The figures themselves - beautiful and self-contained, still and silent, painted mostly in muted tones, submit to our gaze. Under the thick layers of congealed paint we get glimpses of the hot, knotted interior. The perfect poised faces presented almost like masks or mannequins, begin to drip, melt  and decay. All is hedged around with doubt and regret, confusion and indecision. Here, even potential angels are subject to the damage wrought by life: the grinding passing of time, the faultlines in our characters and the consequences of our myriad errors…


These people want to be looked at, but don't necessarily want to be seen. And if they reveal themselves grudgingly, or by accident, they may demand recognition or (silent) confession in return!


(Please note: The last day to view the exhibition in its entirety is 17th July. The 20th of July will only be the remaining available works.)