Lisa Carter-Grist: Last day for viewing 26th March!

5 - 29 March 2023

Lisa was born in Cardiff in 1972 and studied at St. Martin's School of Art. She has been exhibiting at Ffin y Parc since we first opened. She works from her studio in Denbigh.


The completed works may be responses to the landscape, observations of her domestic environment or dramatizations of her inner world, but Lisa always strives to construct the work from found elements - accidents which suggest or determine their own direction or destination. Instinctive, spontaneous marks and movements rather than deliberate predictable choices.


The decisions come later, when the impulses and emotions are being shaped and balanced. She is catching ghosts, retrieving meaning and equilibrium from the restless shadows and light, all the sinking and the soaring. Though she tends towards abstraction, her work has a clarity and precision, an honesty which allows us to recognize the emotions and anxieties that have triggered them and animate them.


Lisa knows that each new mark could unbalance the work, send it crashing or unravelling, yet she also knows how it could be the key or the compass. Or the point. The jeopardy is compelling! In the finished work, every mark, line and blot has its function, and the opposing forces are held in fascinating, shimmering balance: motion and stillness, restraint and abandon, intellect and instinct…


(Please note: The last day to view the exhibition in its entirety is Sunday 26th March. The 29th will only be the remaining available works.)