Susan Kane: Last day for viewing 26th March!

5 - 29 March 2023

Susan was born in North-West England in the 1960's. She graduated in textile design from Manchester Polytechnic in the 1980's, and worked as a designer for 20 years before returning to her first love: painting.


Her work is calm and controlled, clean and considered. The paintings seem almost to have materialized instantaneously, in a moment or a blink, but each mark made presents new options, asks new questions and is a new beginning…


This apparent ease and spontaneity comes from painstaking examination of both the subject and the self. The completed work is always understated, equal parts delicacy and confidence. Susan has an instinctive grasp of the rhythm and balance necessary to make work which appears so simple and quiet. Each mark, making the next possible, like a jazz riff or a chess game.


This is her fourth show with us at Ffin y Parc.


(Please note: The last day to view the exhibition in its entirety is Sunday 26th March. The 29th will only be the remaining available works.)