Matthew Wood

20 August - 13 September 2017

Matthew has painted a large collection of new works for his latest show here at Ffin y Parc. All painted, as usual, in situ.


The interiors were all completed at Croft Castle, where he has been Artist in Residence.  Passageways, attics and grand rooms alike are full of silence and light. The kettle, and the daily cup are revealed, caught revelling in their uniqueness, just like any treasure or heirloom. It's as if the artist, waiting patiently, crouched silently in the shadows at the rooms' corners has lured these objects into the open, lulled them into revealing their secret inner lives. He has even managed to catch the light as it dissolves the mullioned windows, flashing across the polished floors and disturbing the dust in the carpets; and skating across burnished table-tops, bringing so much life to these quiet, shaded spaces…


Matthew has also made for us a new collection of Welsh landscapes. With economy and subtlety he catches the shapes and rhythm of the folded, crumpled hills; the clear Spring  light , bright green and open, as well as the iron clench of the winter freeze.


Matthew Wood was born in1973, and trained at Middlesex, Birmingham and The School of Art, University of Wales. He has exhibited throughout the UK and is widely collected. He lives with his family near Welshpool.