Sharon Griffin

20 August - 13 September 2017

In her work, Sharon is seeking for a meaning or significance in her figures. Though they are surely beautiful, balanced and refined, that is not their primary purpose. The artist's intention is to illuminate personal stories of love or loss; dramatic characters; or contemporary stories and situations from the news and our environment.


The work is expressive, and often has an unfinished air, some sort of restless spark that picks, nudges and demands a connection. There are traces of her fingers moving across the clay, and swift instinctive mark-making to incite the feeling that the work is alive and essential, not merely decorative and attractive.


She connects the artistic and intellectual drives of her work with the inherent qualities of her medium: strength and fragility. She creates a tender brutality.


Sharon Griffin grew up in Telford, and trained at the University of Wolverhampton. This is her first show for us here at Ffin y Parc.