Kim Dewsbury

17 September - 11 October 2017

For her third show with us here at Ffin y Parc, Kim has once again combined elements of still-life and landscape. The work is meticulously detailed and precise.


She knows these landscapes well from years of walking and observation, and the work is full of allusion and clues, informed by her knowledge of the ecology, history and unique culture of the area.


She forages for plants, shells and feathers, counterpointing them with man-made litter and detritus, all painted with the same eye for balance and form. The clarity is forensic and fascinating. She points us towards ideas, and allows us to make connections.  Kim's intelligence, as well as her passionate involvement with this landscape is bracing and compelling: It's a lung-full of cool fresh air, cancelling that constant deadening hum.


Kim was born in Cornwall and studied at the Falmouth School of Art. She has been living and working in Wales for over 30 years.