Gerald Dewsbury

17 September - 11 October 2017

This new show, Gerald's fifth here at Ffin y Parc, coincides with his 60th Birthday. For over thirty years he has been watching, walking and painting the ancient and mercurial landscapes of North Wales.


Humans are usually absent from these paintings. There are traces: scarecrows perhaps, or vapour trails scarring the sky, walls or telegraph poles or litter; and occasionally the shadow of a man - the artist perhaps, stretches out into the picture, but we are mostly absent, irrelevant, forgotten. But then, the trees follow the lines of old ruined walls and hedgerows, cluster along abandoned tracks, and the land itself is parcelled and cultivated by and for us. We cannot help but leave our marks all over this landscape, even as it grows strange and alien.


Gerald's beady eye, patience and stillness allow him to see signs and changes, and to hear whispered warnings that most of us miss as we trudge and chatter… It is as if the forests and mountains which remain closed and mysterious to us, open to him. He has spent years patiently earning their trust after all! He notices the mountains crouching, vigilant; the trees rising suspicious or playful, blooming and then bending back into the earth to be absorbed. He sees them dance, fight, gossip like friends or cluster like family. And what they show him, he shows us: With his unique combination of the familiar and the unsettling he reminds us of our power and our responsibility. And intriguingly, we get a glimpse of our world without us.


Gerald studied at Falmouth School of Art and has been living and working in North Wales for over 30 years. His work appears in many public and private collections. 


"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?"  


Alongside this exhibition we will be launching 'Gerald Dewsbury - At Sixty' A limited edition signed book to coincide with his major exhibition. Please contact the gallery if you would like to reserve a copy.