Ceri Auckland Davies

15 October - 8 November 2017

For his first show here at Ffin y Parc, Ceri has produced a collection of sea- and landscapes. His chosen medium is egg tempera, and he makes his own paint, blending egg-yolk with pigments. The paint is applied in many thin translucent layers, and this slow process of accumulation and repetition leads to work that is measured, contemplative and serene. His technique also allows him to make work that is smooth and refined.


He works in his studio from sketches made out in the landscape, but the actual location is merely a departure point - as the image is built-up methodically, rhythmically layer upon luminous layer, Ceri pinpoints and reveals a feeling, starts to explore and illuminate. The external landscape changes its character, and becomes a map or reflection of the inner world - often, elements of these unpopulated scenes resemble skulls, joints and other anatomical forms - and the precision and control with which they are painted, gives them a limpid emotional clarity.


Ceri exhibits regularly throughout the U.K and internationally. His work is found in numerous private and public collections, including that of The Welsh Assembly and The National Library of Wales. Ceri was born in 1951 and trained at Newport and Birmingham colleges of Art.