James Guy Eccleston

15 October - 8 November 2017

For his new show with us here at Ffin y Parc, James has made another beautifully painted and meticulously rigorous collection.  Mundane, unexceptional, even broken objects are always posed and painted precisely, and are treated with great care and seriousness. This deliberate juxtaposition of subject and approach encourages us to think about the nature of skill and art, and the very meaning and value of painting itself.


But this is not merely an exercise in verisimilitude. The things  themselves ignite questions and have stories to tell...These objects revealed, exposed, hanging or spread before our eyes are still unknowable, clouded, ambiguous:  That shoe, it holds the shape of an absent foot. That key, does it release or confine. That broken glass…


In James's world everything is open to interpretation, nothing is as clear and simple as it seems.


James was born in 1972, and trained at Bourneville College and Wolverhampton University. He studied under R O Lenkiewicz for eight years