David Grosvenor

15 October - 8 November 2017

For his latest show at Ffin y Parc, David has produced fifty new oils and watercolours. As usual he has ranged far and wide over the North Wales landscape, from the mountains to the coast throughout the year to capture the landscape in all its aspects and moods:


He understands how the landscape around him works: how the weather and the light can change the colour and texture of a lake, how the skies clot and clear, how the mountains stand arrogant and bright sometimes and at other times retreat behind sheets of mist to brood or plot. But more than this, he really knows how to catch these things with his paint, and he does it with such apparent simplicity and economy…


Since moving to North Wales over twenty years ago, David has become one of our most popular and widely collected artists. His work has an immediacy and sincerity that touches people.  He lives in Criccieth.