Chloe Holt

12 - 29 November 2017

Chloe was born in 1981. Her shows are growing in popularity in London, and in the North of England were she is currently living. This is her fourth collection for us here at Ffin y Parc, and many of the works are inspired by a recent trip to Venice.


The scenes of the city capture the poise and elegance of the place. The mist rises from the canals in the early morning; turn a corner and the past lingers silently in the narrow streets, even while the 21st century and its restless tumult still throbs somewhere behind you.


As always, the magic of Chloe's work is to make the past live in the present. Her work has a completely modern and sophisticated sensibility, but its soul comes from its connections to the past. She honours simple mundane objects and revels in their persistence and survival. Her vessels hold and symbolize memory. Her fruits and blooms, full of colour and summer heat glow briefly and decay, but there is memory and continuity, craftsmanship and connection. The result is work that rings with dignity and respect.


She reminds us how our lives are a dance or a careful, constant negotiation between our desire for permanence and the knowledge of our fragile transience.