Lisa Carter

12 - 29 November 2017

Lisa was born in Cardiff in 1972 and studied at St. Martin's School of Art. She has been exhibiting at Ffin y Parc since we first opened, and this is her fifth show with us. She lives and works in Denbighshire.


Whether responding to the landscape, observing her domestic environment or mapping her inner world, there is present in Lisa's work an extremely satisfying sense of equilibrium - that compositionally, the pieces are precise and harmonious. Though she tends towards abstraction, her works have a clarity and precision, an honesty which allows us to recognize the emotions and anxieties that have triggered them and animate them.


She is always, it seems, allowing her ideas her moods and her emotions travel the line between deliberation and accident, will and chance.  Lisa knows that each new mark could unbalance the work, send it crashing or unravelling, yet she also knows how it could be the key or the compass. Or the point. The jeopardy is compelling! In the finished work, every mark, line and blot has its function, and the opposing forces are held in fascinating, shimmering balance: motion and stillness, restraint and abandon, intellect and instinct…