Martin Llewellyn

4 - 28 February 2018

Martin was born in 1963, in Neath where he still lives and works. He only began painting full-time in 2012, but has quickly established himself with successful shows in North and South Wales, and in London. This is his third show with us, and it is his largest to date.


Keeping his palette muted and restrained, while wielding his palette knife with dynamic boldness he forges an instinctive, straight forward, powerful connection with the North Wales landscape. His work arises naturally from the familiar traditions of the 20th Century Welsh School, while possessing a particular grace and attitude, - a unique spark of insight and surprise.   


His dexterity of hand and eye allows him to catch the landscape in its mercurial and intransigent moods: changing minute by minute in the light and weather, or squatting and relentless through unchanging ages! With speed and economy he shows us the wind smearing the sky; or the clouds pressing down, wringing the light from the green-black valleys.