Steve des Landes

4 - 28 March 2018

Hot on the heels of a hugely successful show at the Williamson Gallery on the Wirral, we are pleased to have a brand new collection of Steve's work for his first show here with us at Ffin y Parc.


He has made new works full of the energy and humanity that drew us to him. He has chosen to focus mostly on figures, catching their inner lives and their relationships with each other. Sometimes they pose for us, locking eyes with us, daring us; sometimes flinching away at the last moment…afraid and shy. At other times we are watching a tableau, or a scene being played out. The work is meticulous, disciplined and incisive, but always compassionate and heart-felt too.


The warmth and humanity of the work is disarming and contagious. Observant, full of telling details and wit, and full of the bumps and clamour of life, they somehow seem to stir our finer feelings with their benevolence, curiosity and intelligence.


Steve has been working as an artist since leaving the Storey Institute in Lancaster with a Fine Art degree in 1983. His work appears in public and private collections and he has completed many public and private commissions.