Elfyn Jones

4 - 28 March 2018

Elfyn was born in Wrexham and studied Fine Art there and in Cardiff. He has been a member of the RCA since 1983. He is one of the first artists we exhibited, and over the years his work has continued to provoke and evolve. His engagement with the world around him is searching and intense; his intelligence incisive and unflinching.  His understanding of his medium and belief in the value of painting is immense and persuasive.  His energy and curiosity is inspiring.


For his latest show with us, he dazzles and surprises once again.  The works are at once beautiful and unsettling . There are landscapes  simultaneously elegant and blasted. There are interiors that are sparse and tense, full of poetry and menace, (pause…), like Pinter!  And figures trying to hide or struggling to escape. Dancing or fighting. Waving or drowning. Or both.


His work comes from a place that is precarious, provisional, ambivalent. This world may not be good for us: flawed and dangerous and disappointing and unfair. But it is also the one we made. These works can be long in gestation, subject to change, sources of despondency and glimmers of revelation. These finished works, if they are ever truly finished, seek to tweak the curtain and to reveal something to us about our human condition.