Matthew Wood

19 August - 12 September 2018

Matthew Wood

For his new show here at Ffin Y Parc, Matthew has made nearly 90 paintings, a mixture if interiors and landscapes. So this is his biggest show to date.       


Outside, Matthew's eye tracks right across the valley, all the way down to the lake at the bottom. His eye stretches to fit the whole width of the horizon and rises up into the sky. There is light everywhere, and a lightness of spirit too. There is sunshine and haze, freedom and fresh air. A striking expression of contented wonder, caught with simplicity and grace.


Inside, the light is sparing and skittish, and his eye adjusts. Slowly, the light creeps in where angles and shadows allow, glinting over floors and glancing off jugs and spoons. He catches that fragile moment of suspension after the sigh or exhalation, just after the music stops, when everyone's gone and things return to stillness and silence, and waiting. Before the phone rings, or the jets screech past, or the children rush through with mud and the dog!


Matthew Wood was born in1973, and trained at Middlesex, Birmingham and The School of Art, University of Wales. He lives with his wife and two children near Welshpool.