Beth Fletcher

14 October - 7 November 2018



Beth studied Fine Art and Art History at Aberystwyth. Over the past few years, her reputation and popularity have been growing steadily.


In the two years since her last major show here with us, Beth has got married and had a child. For this new collection of work she continues to play with elements of landscape. She sends our eyes searching for the mountains, sky and sea. And she rewards us with glimpses of the sun perhaps, stands of trees possibly, or reeds floating at the water's edge.


But it is clear that these landscapes are not real. They are fictional, idealized, otherworldly, internal. They evoke feelings of contentment or unease. They can vibrate and shimmer with serenity, or glower and brood with foreboding. They seem like somewhere conjured to arouse our yearning and imagination, or to prick our dreams. But they remain somehow withheld from us, unfamiliar and unreachable. Perfect, pristine and unknowable.