Anne Aspinall

14 October - 7 November 2018



Anne Aspinall was born in 1949, and trained at Manchester College of Art & Design. She has exhibited widely throughout the UK and abroad and is represented in collections in Europe, the USA and Australia. This is her third collection at Ffin y Parc. She has been exhibiting with us since 2015.


She describes herself as a colourist, and her subject is the coastline and domestic landscape of North Wales which she has been watching and painting all her life.  The work has a lightness of touch and a sparkle which come from Anne's observant eye and her benevolent curiosity. On the whole, there is no drama here, no force. Rather, Anne shows us the beauty of the ordinary and glory of the familiar! There is such joy and comfort in the way she paints the lamp-light shining from a curtained window as dusk falls peacefully. Her double yellow lines sing of safety and order.


Yes, all is as it should be. But she deftly and gently reminds us that this tranquillity is precious and rare and fragile…and not to be taken for granted. The affection that Anne feels for her subjects is obvious and her skill is clear. Few artists are able to catch so specifically and truthfully a sense of place. Her simple sincerity is compelling.