Elfyn Lewis: At Fifty / Haner Cant

28 April - 22 May 2019

In both number of works and size, this is Elfyn's biggest show at Ffin y Parc so far. There are  works on paper and mdf. This show coincides with Elfyn's 50th Birthday.


Working in the studio, starting with nothing, he begins with the paint and its properties, his impulses and the marks he makes.  Each work is a journey, a puzzle, a problem awaiting resolution or equilibrium. Elfyn retrieves glimpses, fragments and impressions of the world in abstracted, refracted form: the movement of water like the tide sucking or a raindrop on your windscreen; of the air plump and caressing or jagged, sharp and cold; of earth and mountains shrugging invisibly slow, utterly unstoppable. Worlds, moods, ideas, horizons coalesce and fragment.


The familiar and the alien dance around each other. He lets the paint dictate shape and scale, forming its own maps - worlds of rivers and mountain ranges; skies full of constellations and exploding stars. He dismantles the boundaries between real and imagined, inside and outside, the microscopic and the galactic!


Through his dance and dialogue with the paint in his deserted studio, he makes something which is refined, elusive, imaginary, but speaks powerfully and passionately to both the spirit and the intellect. He examines the effects our experience and environment has on our inner landscape. He articulates our yearning for meaning and significance and our place somewhere between the beauty and the chaos.


Elfyn was born and brought up in Porthmadog. He now lives and works in Cardiff. His work appears in many public and private collections, including a recent purchase by the National Library of Wales.