Matthew Wood: The Judge's Lodging, Powys

26 May - 19 June 2019


The Judge's Lodging with its location in the centre of Presteigne in the Welsh Marches certainly provides an inspirational location!


Once a week Since October I have made the journey to Presteigne moving all my materials into and out of the building each time. Every painting produced was completed in one sitting, when I would aim to capture the atmosphere and sense of place anew each time, through a process of direct observation. The more visits I made the more familiar I became with the essence of the place; I'd find the spots where the spirit of the building seemed to collect and coalesce, and I would arrive with stronger feelings of where and what I would like to paint. I'd work instinctively with the house and the light, exploring slowly and gently teasing out its secrets. Often drawing on a passing glimpse through a corridor or doorway and always responding to light and the way it travels in and around the structure of the building and its contents.


Light has a huge effect on the interior of this building whether through the smaller apertures of the basement that contains the kitchen, servant's hall and lamp room or the larger rooms of the upper stories including the court room and dining room. Dividing and connecting these rooms are the corridors, sometimes carpeted, but often hewn from stone. These passageways often presented remarkable vistas, accentuating perspective and amplifying light.


Matthew was born in 1973, and trained at Middlesex, Birmingham and the University of Wales. He lives with his wife and children near Welshpool.