Susan Kane: New Works / Gwaith Newydd

26 May - 19 June 2019

Susan was born in North-West England in the 1960’s. She graduated in textile design from Manchester Polytechnic in the 1980’s, and worked as a designer for 20 years before returning to her first love: painting. Following the success of her last Ffin y Parc show, she has returned with a new collection.


Her work is calm and controlled, clean and considered.  Always balanced, understated and elegant, the paintings seem almost to have materialized instantaneously, in a moment or a blink, but each mark is made with care, slowly and deliberately. It is not hesitancy, but rather a confidence and a strong, instinctive sense of rhythm and connection that gives the work its light-touch transparency.  Each mark, perfectly pitched and placed, flowing into the next, open and free like a jazz riff.


The result is work that is concentrated and sophisticated, yet spacious enough to invite contemplation, and a sense of rare, hard-won serenity.