Kate Pasvol

Kate Pasvol is a glass artist working in North London with her roots in Wales. Originally an Architect and Teacher she now works on her glass sculptures in her studio in North London and in the University of Hertfordshire.


Her work involves a range of glass techniques including fusing and casting with particular reference to landscapes. Her recent work is made up of single and multiple glass blocks containing three dimensional images that reflect the wonderful Welsh landscape and is based on images and memories of her own walks in Wales.


"I am trying to recreate the feeling of travelling  through a landscape by  forming three dimensional images that appear to move as you pass them. The way that glass can be used to capture and manipulate light is a property that really interests me and I try to use this to create three dimensional effects in my work"


Kate has recently completed a very successful exhibition at The London Glassblowing Gallery after a solo exhibition at MOMA Wales Machynlleth  and her work has been selected for the prestigious BRITISH GLASS BIENNALE 2017 and GLASSHAUS XII. in 2019, Kate Pasvol was selected as the winner of Warm Glass Peoples Prize, British Glass Biennale 2019. She has also exhibited her work in various selected exhibitions in north London including the Mall Galleries. She is a member of Contemporary Glass Society.


Kate Pasvol has had very successful exhibitions with us in November 2019 and again, in June 2021.