Helen Sinclair

Helen Sinclair was born in South Wales in 1954. She studied sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art and has been a full time sculptor since 1988.


She exhibits widely in England and Wales and has work in private collections on four continents. Public collections include; Royal Free Hospital, London; Brecon Cathedral, Brecon & Marie Curie Hospice, West Midlands. 


She lives and works on the Gower Peninsula with her husband Terry.


"I have been making sculpture for over twenty years and the process is still a delight to me.  With every piece I make, I find the working process both comfortingly familiar and refreshingly surprising.


"Although not the only subject I work from, the human form is the one I keep coming back to: the actual figure and the figure as depicted by other artists in any medium and at any phase in history.


"Most of my work is cast and I model the originals in mixed media: plaster, clay, wax, cardboard, paper, resin, wood.  The materials I work with are as stimulating to me as the subject matter.  I live by the sea and collect driftwood, discarded plastic debris and other beach-found 'stuff' all of which regularly introduce new and unexpected vocabulary with which to work.


"I collect bits of wood (and sometimes plastic debris) from the beach where I walk my dogs every morning. I assemble the bits as I find them - I have a 'rule' that the individual pieces should be manipulated as little as possible. I sometimes have to cut something down, or angle an edge differently where it meets another piece but any disturbance of the surface depletes the wood of its integrity and charm and weakens it aesthetically.


"Every piece has a mystique about it because it has its own personality and history that I know nothing about. This imparts a poetry and a drama which I revere because it is not of my making."
Helen Sinclair