Katie Allen

Katie Allen's artwork is based on the natural world, their changing seasons and shades, which she transforms into a rich textile of patterns, forms and colours. Her paintings when viewed as a whole are of recognisable landscapes and natural forms - trees and plants, insects and birds - but on closer inspection become detailed abstract patterns composed of intricate designs and subtle colour harmonies which explore the play of scale from macro to micro and the movement between representational and abstract.


"As well as numerous western artists, I am greatly influenced by Indian art and architecture, calligraphy, Arabic art, Japanese paintings and fabric design. From vast palaces decorated with beautiful intricate patterns composed of gemstones and mirrors to delicate miniature paintings, from the gestural brush strokes of eastern calligraphy to 20th century textiles. I strive in my paintings to capture these qualities and to create something beautiful, evocative, delicate and carefully crafted."
Katie allen


Katie Allen had very successful exhibitions with us in 2014, 2016 & 2018. Katie returned again with a new body of work in May of 2020, during which, the National Library of Wales purchased a piece for their permanant collection. Katie returns again, with a new body of work, in January 2022.