Lisa Carter


Lisa Carter was born in Cardiff in 1972 and studied at St. Martin's School of Art. She has been exhibiting at Ffin y Parc since we first opened, and her fifth show with us will be in November 2017.


As her work develops and finds a wider audience, (she has exhibited in London, has twice been selected for the National Eisteddfod, and has also been selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition), she grows in confidence. It allows her to strip out all that is peripheral and extraneous, leaving us with meditations on fragility and vulnerability. There is constant dialogue between stillness and motion - tides suck and pucker, the wind blows through, things escape and things settle. And there is space.


These ideas and explorations serve to dramatize the tension in the work between design and accident. They speak to us of the competing desires for control and freedom, stability and spontaneity, anxiety and abandon.


In 1991 she won the National Eisteddfod Scholarship Award at Bro Delyn. Having now settled in Llannefydd, North Wales, in 2010 she was selected for the Lle Celf exhibition at the National Eisteddfod in Bala and the Kyffin Williams Drawing Prize.


Lisa Carter says of her paintings  "Although my paintings begin as private explorations and combinations of imagery and thoughts that I find intruiging,  I hope that they are atmospheric enough to evoke associations and moments of recognition for others and ambigious enough in their composition to allow multiple interpretations."


Lisa has had exhibitions with us in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 and again in November of 2017. Lisa will return with a new body of work in 2021.