David Grosvenor

David Grosvenor is one of the most popular artists working in Wales. Born in 1956, he moved to North Wales in 1991 to paint full-time. He has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout Wales including  sell-out exhibitions with us in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016. His paintings are in collections world-wide, including The House of Lords Collection, Palace of Westminster.


Despite his prolific work rate, David manages to make each one an individual with its own particular magic. This sheer profusion of images is in itself a tribute to the landscape which changes dramatically from day to day, minute to minute: 'Look', he is saying, ' this is it now! And now it's changed, gone…'

And while he seems to be trying to capture what is there in a straightforward way, he builds the picture around a particular element: the line of a fence which seems to reveal, or dictate the striations of the fields and mountains rising behind; a single, fleeting patch of blue breaking through the clotted folds of gnomic grey, so that the focus and mood of the work is altered and enriched.


He is fearless in his use of colour, sometimes making harmony, and sometimes pointing up and allowing the moments of dissonance to remain, captured - allowing an errant shaft of light or a fallen rock not yet subsumed back into the landscape to pull the focus, giving the work a new centre and making us as observant as him. Sometimes, he manages to reduce the view to its lines and shadows and blocks of colour; bright water and sullen rock and tangled light - a kind of abstract world of colour and light, like looking through eyes brimming with grateful, excited tears.


After several sell out exhibitions, David Grosvenor has had further exhibitions with us in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021. He will exhibit again in September 2022.