Elfyn Jones

Elfyn Jones RCA work is full of unease. His figures often seem to be watching, waiting for something; they are tense, awkward. Faces seem to be struggling to emerge, to become complete. Or are they trying to hide, to dissolve, to escape?


He is fascinated by speed, the difficulty of conveying the power and potential of movement through a moment of stillness in a static medium. Animals and machines blur, falling bodies flail. Even his portraits writhe and flicker like candle-flames - immobile, yet never still; both illuminating and mysterious. The world he shows us is provisional, ambiguous, somehow not as dependable or as benign as we would like it to be.


"My preference is oil-painting. I enjoy the process, believing process to be more important than the result - to discover by doing rather than aiming for a pre-conceived result. I work according to my interest at the time and have adopted an approach which can develop along figurative or non-figurative routes." 

Elfyn Jones


Elfyn was born in Wrexham and studied Fine Art there and in Cardiff. Throughout his painting career, his work has been characterised by its unflinching intelligence, and constant spirit of experiment and enquiry.


He has had successful exhibitions with us in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018. Elfyn returned again in March 2020.