Dewi Tudur was born in Mold, Flintshire in 1957 and trained at Aberystwyth School of Art and Carmarthen College of Art from 1976 - 1980. In 2009 he retired from teaching to concentrate on painting full-time. Over 20 years he has built up a very loyal group of collectors both in Wales and abroad.


In this tender, controlled and delicate  work, Dewi shows us a world which is beautiful even when it is harsh, or mundane, or neglected. The simplicity and purity of the work gives it an almost devotional intensity. Like a prayer. Everything else is pushed aside, out of mind, so that when the moment comes he is prepared and ready to catch the birds as they rise and take flight as one, spooked by a car cresting the hill or a dog scuttling by. He can wait in the cold of an unusually hard Italian winter until the snow is perfectly deep and dense and the lights inside have come on.


We get a strong sense of how grateful he is to be bearing witness to all this beauty. Beauty made more intense by its fleetingness; more precious by its fragility.


"I am inspired by timeless landscapes, for example a dusty road between isolated poplar trees with a solitary cottage perhaps occupying the distant hills. It is as if the impediments of a window pane have suddenly been erased and natural daylight floods through. Scenes I have witnessed, especially in Pembrokeshire and abroad, have strongly influenced me."

Dewi Tudur


Dewi Tudur's first major solo exhibition in North Wales was with us in 2011. He also had exhibitions in 2013 & 2016. He exhibited again with a major solo show & book launch in November 2018.
Dewi had another solo exhibition in December 2019 affectionatly entitled 'Guto a'r Gwas Glas / Dewey and the Dragonfly'. Dewi Tudur returns with a new body of work in March 2021.