Nettle Grellier

Nettle Grellier trained for her foundation diploma at Kingston University and gained her fine art at the University of Brighton.


"My work feeds off contact with other individuals. I have moved around a lot and I see home as a set of moments and interactions rather than one specific space.
I want my paintings to show the intimacy of my own life whilst being familiar to the viewer. In recent times my home has been a place of grief and illness and I try to produce paintings that are sensitive to these moments whilst making light of life. I do not wish to present a view of life that is completely serious or
humorless, even when trying to deal with intense and life changing experiences.
I like the titles to be conversational, like little snippets of a story or funny anecdotes. Sometimes the descriptions are quite cumbersome and awkward which satisfies me. I use objects; food, books, furniture and ceramic objects made by my friends act as props for telling the story of home and relationships."
Nettle Grellier