Sion McIntyre

Sion McIntyre grew up in Anglesey, and studied Fine Art in Bangor where Peter Prendergast was among his teachers. He also accompanied his grandfather Donald McIntyre on countless sketching expeditions around the island and along the coastlines of North Wales.


While obviously influenced by his grandfather, who taught him and with whom he spent many hours studying and painting the views and landscapes beloved by them both, these paintings have a clear voice of their own:


Despite the apparent stillness of these landscapes, the paintings are full of a restless, brooding energy that seems barely contained. The bold use of colour suggests a world of dazzling, heightened perceptions. In Sion's eye, these are not merely picturesque and tranquil scenes - the colours fizz, the silence hums and everything is seething. Vibrating with electric energy and life.


Sion McIntyre has had two exhibitions with us in 2016 and 2017.