Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas works in situ. Speed and immediacy is always present in the work, giving it energy, the sense of catching the moment - this moment, before it is gone. The heat and light draining from the sky as dusk approaches, or the glare over the lavender fields as they prepare to start shimmering in the haze… he captures with grace and simplicity the profuse beauty of the landscape, and  the joy inspired by being in the landscape.


He is able to paint what is invisible - the way the heat thickens the air, seeming to slow everything down, and blur the edges; the way the breeze at dusk will carry a small sound whole and perfect a long way across the bay…


Harmony, serenity and beauty. Balance and control. These are the qualities which have made Gareth's work so popular, and which make the viewer want to stay and contemplate.  


Gareth Thomas was born in Swansea in 1955, and since he began painting in 1979, he has built a reputation as one of Wales' most collectable artists. He is represented in many public and private collections. Gareth has had regular exhibitions with us including a major show to celebrate his 60th birthday.


Gareth Thomas sadly passed away in September 2019.